12 bienfaits et usages étonnants du poivre

In the form of berries crushed in a mill, pepper (especially black) is an amazing ingredient to relieve all kinds of ills and help you in unusual areas. Immerse yourself in the following to make a good use of this ingredient.


1.The digestive problems


If you often suffer from bloating, flatulence and if your digestion is quite laborious, add more pepper to your dishes. Choose pepper in berries that you pour into a mill for the best results. Pepper stimulates the taste buds and sends to the stomach the gastric juices it needs to properly assimilate food.


2.The depression


It sounds odd, but pepper may also increase serotonin levels (the hormone of well-being) in the brain, allowing you to reduce the wave to the soul or a feeling of discouragement. Choose a colorful pepper mix containing all kinds of nutrients of interest to the body. In addition, a blend of berries is less strong than black pepper alone, which allows you to consume more.

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